50th Anniversary

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2008. In 1958 when the studio was set up the intention was to try it and see what happened: none of the people involved in the decision process would have envisaged that the business would still be going 50 years on.

Wherever we have been located the ethos of the studio has remained the same: to provide a facility for artists to create original prints of the highest standards using the lithographic medium on a collaborative basis. It is testimony to the artists and our printer's knowledge of lithographic processes that we are still practising our trade in this largely digital world. We still view lithography as an evolving medium with the all important support of the artists who work with us.

To commemorate our 50 years four of our artists created new works inspired by the occasion:

Paula Rego - The Unicorn Artist
Mark Hearld - Printing With Spirit
Antony Micallef - Kiss at Tower Bridge
Mary Dalton - Untitled 2

Curwen: Artists & Print at Tate

Tate honoured our anniversary with a special exhibition in Tate Britain and the publication of ‘Art & Print: The Curwen Story’ by Alan Powers.

The book includes 100+ colour and 30+ B&W illustrations to support the 30,000 word text. The main portion of the book focusses on the Studio, but in order to understand why the studio was set up a brief overview of the Press activities are included.

There have been many books written about the Press and we are delighted that Tate has taken on the challenge of covering our history to date.

Curwen 50th Portfolio

We created a very limited edition portfolio of all the artists that worked with us through our 50th year. The result is a fascinating snapshot of the diversity of the work that we do in any one year.

There are 31 artist's prints in the portfolio covering a wide range of styles and use of the lithographic medium. Each artist has been given a copy.

We have a limited number of the full Portfolio of prints still available. For further details please contact info@thecurwenstudio.co.uk.

Mark Hearld - 50
Mary Fedden - Fourteen
Bernard Cheese - Green Apples